– Selected Articles and Reviews –

The following brief selection of articles and reviews, offer an introduction to the work of Anja Marais.

Anne Tschida for 2015


“The interior of West Martello Tower offered a sympathetic home to Anja Marais’s pair of suspended, tight-laced, full-skirted gowns.Constructed out of paper dress patterns and covered with drawings that illustrate an enigmatic folktale from Marais’s native South Africa, they suavely combined feminist and other political imagery.” –

Karen Wilkin for “Art in America” 2009


The Anja Marais film I could watch forever. The character’s body language, mainly her walk, keeps you wondering where she might be going and what is her intend. I could follow this character through the world wondering forever.”

Rawlines Interview with curator Adela Holmes, 2013


“Marais draws upon her South African heritage and engages folklore with highly charged intellectual statements. Marais is most interested in describing simultaneity through her examinations of contradiction and synchronicity. She carefully explores the juxtapositions of human and animal, male and female, life and death, the physical and the metaphysical and weaves a story that is all encompassing in its eloquence.”

Lynn Bentley-Kemp for “Irreversible” 2010


“The easy movement between the natural and supernatural is a basic assumption of African folklore. Marais uses non-traditional materials to celebrate a non- western cultural tradition. No wonder we stop and gape at these beautiful, exotic and momentarily disturbing shapes
and images.”

Joel Blair for “Solares Hill” 2008