– Photography   Practice –

“Man’s position in the world is defined by the fact that in every dimension of his being and behavior he finds himself at every moment between two boundaries” – Georg Simmel

My photography deals with decay and resurrection of both reality and time (past/present/future). With my camera I am a traveler between different worlds finding that thin veil that separates us from ourselves and that divides the natural from the supernatural. I visit venues where man is prone to this condition of shifting planes like places of worship, hospitals and decayed neighborhoods. In these environments I hunt images that naturalize the supernatural and humanize the divine. I want to be a bystander that observes the moment when we fall out of unity and fall back into it, recording the condensation and sublimation of the psyche of man. Through this venture I become acutely aware of my body that is seeing and see-able at the same time.

My photography technique is to play with light and movement without any post-digital manipulation and to capture the moment directly as possible. By obscuring a portion of the image through a veil, I question the reality and time stamp of a given moment. I photograph subjects without them being aware of the camera and in this way I acquire their pureness and a lasting fragile ephemeral imprint of their existence. My camera sees the thread of substance that surrounds them as an invisible gossamer chiffon web- you could almost say I am stealing their souls.

My photography is influenced by artists whose works captures the fringes of society like Roger Ballen, Pieter Hugo, Diane Arbus and Joel Pieter Witken

 Anja Marais' photography