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As an artists I am a forager. I saunter through the world collecting stories, earth-talks, and myths. Gathered from frayed memories and faded auditories. I seek objects left behind and forgotten with a leitmotiv of history.

I explore exposed objects, systems, and ideas after disintegration. I bring these weathered objects and subjects together as hybrids in my studio to be reinvented into sculptures, installations, video work, photography, and poetry. My process revives, transforms, and reinterpret, leading to a new understanding of cultural phenomena of false supremacies and fragmented heritages. I call this process the ‘Beginning of the End to a Re-beginning‘.

I have a zero-waste studio practice where I work with cyclical earthy materials like clay, lime, stone, maize, and found objects. Uninterested in the boundary between the human and the nonhuman world my work states that all things–inanimate and animate–contain metamorphoses of personhood. It is impossible not to hear the world in its objects.



   (photocredit Ana Carballosa)


⫷ HOW TO SLEEP THROUGH FALLING SILENCES | Installation and Interactive project on compathy.

⫷ THE BELL CALLS  | Essays on the anatomy of the autonomous artist.

⫷ EARTHTALK | Ethnopoetry and audio-work

⫷ INTER | SECTIONALITY: DIASPORA ART FROM THE CREOLE CITY | Group exhib on view at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture.


Harpo Foundation Grant Recipient 2020

December 15th, 2020|

I am a recipient of a Harpo Foundation Grant, to support my ongoing project inspired by South African activist Steve Biko. Biko’s work hallmarked a movement of integrating that which we have fragmented. Not merely [read more]

The Ellies Creator awardee 2020

October 22nd, 2020|

In this past year I completed two East to West cross-country journeys through the United States, I drove a total 12,528 miles which equal 50% around the world. In the last steps of my personal odyssey, I received [read more]