Artist: Alexei Vermishev
Located: St. Petersburg, Russia
Background: Alexei Vermishev was born in Saratov and worked as an artist in the Saratov Theater and studied at the Saratov Art College. He worked for an extended time at the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. He is a traditional trained oil-painter that approaches his subject of objects and the female model with a modern style. Alexei lived and worked in various places including Finland, Barcelona and other parts of Europe, where he came in contact with the work of European modern painters.

Alexei’s studio was an array of  humor, wit and a tinge of innocent madness just like that of its inhabitant. Apparently he enjoys working in his studio in the presence of a cat, the rumor goes that at one point this painter had 20 street cats that will regularly come and visit him in his studio! The below slideshow is an exploration of the surroundings of his studio.

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