Chronicles of Flesh and mirror is a narrative that takes place across a variety of disciplines, extending from a wearable paper structure to being a model in photography, eventually our paper figure will feature in a stop animation called “SHIFT”. She is made out of hundreds of fragmented pieces of paper that is hand sewn together. She wants to belong and travels though different disciplines, theater, photography, film and sculpture, but her paper skin gets weaker and more torn as she goes on. Escaping this abuse of the outside world she enters the forest to disintegrate. Our paper figure is fragile, temporary and frangible, but as she surrounds herself with nature she finally finds unison in its impermanence – a place to belong. Her face becomes a mirror reflecting her new surroundings.

“SHIFT” (Optic Nerve 2012 Award for Best Short at the Museum of Contemporary Art Miami, Selected or Cannes Film Festival 2013) features sculptures from the following projects of Anja Marais:

Chronicles of Flesh and Mirror-2011-2012“, “Fragmentary Memories – 2010” and “Niveas Canis-2010, “False Security – 2009

•• Video artist/filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldivar, artist/sculpture/producer Anja Marais, photographer/ Juan Carlos Castañeda, music/composer Andy Brick ••

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