My Notebook Key West 2013

I woke up in the middle of the night and desperately scribbled down my dream in the notebook next to my bed. The next morning I had a faded feeling that I might have had an epiphany. This was written in my notes…

Two women are walking hand in hand in the dark which seem to be on a dry salt pond. I can only make out their silhouettes. As they were walking towards me I recognized them being the writers Virginia Woolf and Ingrid Jonker and I overheard their conversation.

Ingrid Jonker: “Our pockets are full of rocks.
Virginia Woolf: ” It is because Art is like constantly eating delicious cake without ever picking up weight or getting diabetes.”
Ingrid Jonker: ” It is because Art is like constantly having diabetes and being morbidly obese without ever eating cake.”

I can hear the crunch of the salt under their feet and the soft clanging of stones or rocks. The two women now look similar as the physical qualities of Woolf and Jonker melted together. As they passed me they spoke out of one mouth saying:

“There always will be rocks in your pockets, but only if you swallow them will they become cake.”