If you’re interested in the art of here & now, you need to see this show

Yet there are several pieces without much color at all that also fit, thematically, into the artistic landscape of South Florida.

One is a haunting, site-specific installation, hung from the ceiling, from South-African born Anja Marais. As an immigrant herself, as so many are here, she creates pieces that relate to disenfranchised, disconnected communities. In the suspended ripped and torn panels, in black and white, you can discern a poor small farmhouse and fields. Unlike the collage from Mar which hangs behind it, Marais has created this work not by layering and applying, but by a process called décollage, where she manipulates the initial images by tearing and cutting it, also forming a new, unique perspective by elimination.

Inextricable Intertangling, 2017 Mixed media on found fabrics and wooden scaffolding 10 feet x 15 feet x 8 feet