In this past year I completed two East to West cross-country journeys through the United States, I drove a total 12,528 miles which equal 50% around the world. In the last steps of my personal odyssey, I received a phone call from Oolite Arts – they granted me an Ellies Creative Award. This precious gift of funding symbolized new beginnings for me. The birth of a project, the next chapter in my art journey. Thank you Oolite Arts for believing in my work. Congratulations to my fellow winners as well! Check them out at

I am looking forward to share the process of my project called HOW TO SLEEP THROUGH FALLING SILENCES on my website and Instagram. This project is a multi-sensory lucid dreaming installation with audio from the testament of anti-apartheid freedom fighter, Steve Biko (1946 – 1977). This interactive installation aspires to break the re-occurrence of white supremacy and awaken the participant from trans-generational conditioning of deafness towards the ‘other’.


“So as a prelude whites must be made to realise
that they are only human, not superior.
Same with Blacks. They must be made to realise
that they are also human, not inferior.”
– Steve Biko

This year the award ceremony was virtual due to COVID: