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The Pioneer

Notebook Entry: Key West 2008 It has been said that if one thoughtlessly crosses a river of unknown depths and shallows, he will die in its currents without ever reaching the other side. If one is interested in confronting the unknown one first has to become unattached to life and to death. I am thinking a lot of my foremothers. Europeans from 1756 onwards embarked on wooden schooners and sailed violent waters to dark Africa. Some died from disease and  water deaths. The survivors made landfall on a mapless continent where the unknown was best divided into that of monsters and demons. They braved on. Crossing mountains, valleys and savannah facing lion, mamba and the mighty Zulu. Only the lucky survived. They will settle in what seemed to be folds of protection amongst rivers and valleys. Mother Africa made sure she visited each family sooner [...]

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Huffington Post interview on “SHIFT”

The Huffington Post | by  Amanda McCorquodale First Posted: 01/31/2012 4:07 pm Updated: 01/31/2012 4:25 pm In "Shift," a wild dog steals the face from a figure born from a tree. It's a short film collaboration by South Florida artists Juan Carlos Zaldivar and Anja Marais. After someone working with Miami International Film Festival saw a working cut of the film, the filmmakers were invited to enter MIFF's short film competition. But in order to complete the film, the artists need more funding so they turned to micro-funding site IndieGogo. HuffPost Miami spoke with Marais, who hand-sewed all the film's characters and animals out of paper. What was the inspiration behind Shift? I'm originally from South Africa and Zaldivar is originally from Cuba, so we draw extensively from our experiences as immigrants. I'm concerned with "the perpetual outlander" always reaching for the unreachable. Zaldivar's work is [...]

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The Solitude and Solidarity of an artist.

Notebook Entry: 2011 Key West It all started with Prometheus. He stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humankind to further their growth as a society. Zeus becomes furious, punishes Prometheus. He ties him to Mount Caucasus where a vulture will come each morning to eat away his liver. Overnight, his liver will grow back again. A symbol of the creative process. This is my final note for 2011. A year of hiatus and redefining. A year of introspection and search. A year of cerebral mountains and pitfalls and also of growing back my liver. The art world is a complicated mesh of possibilities and probabilities and it is essential for an artist to once in awhile step off the speeding train and revisit his road map and ask himself tough questions. I gnawed and digested like an omnivorous beast through books and [...]

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The man on the top of the mountain

Notebook Entry: Miami 2010 We all at some point desire to seek out the wise man that is sitting on top of the mountain listening to our burning questions. Lets say I have found such a man. I would brace the acid cold and climb over steep plateaus to reach him. Here is Giovanni Segantini (1858 - 1899) on what is art: "Art should lead us up to that spiritual sustenance which is as yet unknown to the mass of mankind, and which will constitute at once the delight and the torment of future generations. Art without an ideal is but nature without life. . . there are two ways to see art, that may serve as a starting point, although they are entirely opposed to each other. First that truth which is outside ourselves is not art, it has not and cannot have any [...]

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Friendship with a dead sculptor…(ii)

We were walking along the edge of the ocean's foam apron, water chasing our bare feet. Seaweed piled up in little pyramids on the sand, oozing sulfurous vapor that bit into the fresh air. With his big hands this hirsute man spoke as he gestured towards the skyline, saying that it is here in nature that he finds his savage muse. In sculpture if you become too academic in poses and style, you are making an absentee of nature and thus life becomes absent from your work. We must unfreeze sculpture, life is the thing, everything is in it, and life is movement. You should be at the order of Nature. A sculptor should take from life the movements that he observes but he should not impose them. Obey nature and do not command her and know that there is no recipe to improve nature, [...]

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