Artist: Yury Stupitsa (Юрий ступица)
Located: Kronstadt, St. Petersburg, Russia
Background: Yury Stupitsa is an Icon painter registered with the UNESCO international artist federation. He started his studies in theater at the Odess School for Theatre & Art and later at the St. Petersburg Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Today he does commissions and restoration work mostly for the Russian Orthodox Church. His work is displayed internationally in collections in Germany, France, Brazil, Israel and Finland.

Yury’s studio was bright with a view over the city that included Cathedrals where his work is installed in. He loves to collect items that brings history into his studio for companionship. You can view  photographs in the below slideshow which was taken in this ‘sacred’ space.

{EDIT: I originally had his name as Tupitsa but is name has been changed to Stupitsa}