SFCC exhibition [press clipping]

If you’re interested in the art of here & now, you need to see this show BY ANNE TSCHIDA for the Miami Herald Yet there are several pieces without much color at all that also fit, thematically, into the artistic landscape of South Florida. One is a haunting, site-specific installation, hung from the ceiling, from South-African born Anja Marais. As an immigrant herself, as so many are here, she creates pieces that relate to disenfranchised, disconnected communities. In the suspended ripped and torn panels, in black and white, you can discern a poor small farmhouse and fields. Unlike the collage from Mar which hangs behind it, Marais has created this work not by layering and applying, but by a process called décollage, where she manipulates the initial images by tearing and cutting it, also forming a new, unique perspective by elimination. Inextricable Intertangling, 2017 [...]

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The Codex of the Films and Pictures of Anja Marais: Oneiric Metaphors – by Rosa JH Berland [write-up]

The disquieting allure of Anja Marais’ practice comes from a masterly weaving of mysticism. Formally, the work falls somewhere between the grace of Jean-Eugène-Auguste Atget, the shadowy poetry of Surrealist film making, the complex ornateness of Matthew Barney’s films and feminist body art. These intricate worlds are made from handmade sculpture, video, pixilation animation video, and photography. They captivate, one can hardly wait for the next scene or chapter to emerge. Most recently, Marais has embarked on a series of self-titled “visual poems” including a sequence of related projects comprised of moving picture, photography, costumes, hand made sculpture and mixed media. These “poems” take place in natural environments such forests, hills, expanses of grass, or next to a body of water and appear to transcribe memory and experience, particularly that of woman. The stories are often-wordless visual worlds in which secrets are ritually revealed, the [...]

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Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami write-ups for “Intersectionality”

"On Their Shoulders" 2016, Photomontage Mixed Media and Found Objects. 72 in x 48 in x 28 in My  work got mentioned in the press for the "Intersectionality" exhibition curated by Richard Haden: By Phillip Valys from SouthFlorida.com ....The piece calls to mind old-world colonialism and immigration, which is echoed in Anja Marais' installation "The Crossing," where nine pairs of adult and children's dress shoes filled with dirt sit next to an out-of-focus photograph of a muddy cornfield. Although Marais emigrated from South Africa during apartheid, the shoes evoke the current Syrian refugee crisis, Haden says. "When migrants are being forced out of their country to escape oppression, they have to pack your belongings hastily. You leave with the shoes on your feet," Haden says. "It's a dehumanizing process, these journeys from one world to another." Read full article [HERE]. By Anne Tschida for Miami Herald Two installations leave [...]

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Exploring balance – UNC Mirror

http://www.uncmirror.com/news/view.php/1012178/Anja-Marais-Exploring-balance Anja Marais: Exploring balance Southern Florida artist’s work displayed in Northern Colorado gallery By Trevor Reid On October 4, 2015 Mark Harro | The Mirror “The Ballast” installation, a project that uses different pieces to encompass the story of a woman’s struggle to find balance. When thinking of mythology, most people picture ancient writers. Anja Marais, a South African artist now featured at the Mariani Gallery in Guggenheim Hall, is breaking that stereotype. Building a mythos through her exhibit “The Ballast,” Marais constructs a tale of the human struggle to find balance. Using photographs from her short film “Cathedral,” Marais ties together the works in her exhibit to present various aspects of this myth to viewers. The story of a woman struggling to find both stability on the waters of time and freedom from the rocks of her past, “The Ballast” invites viewers to [...]

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Dori Varga at Rawlines Kunstblitz Berlin

Short film screening at kunstblitz, Berlin Dori Varga at Rawlines Exactly a week ago (16.07.) we held a movie screening for short films at KUNSTBLITZ for four young talents: Nadine Poulain (Germany) showed a preview of documentary ‘U-977 – 66 Days Under Water’ followed by her art film on the same subject. ‘U-977 – 66 Days Under Water’ is a cinematic feature length documentary about the deeply human quest for freedom and self-determination. Set at the end of WW2, it is the story of Heinz Schäffer, former u-boat commander of U-977, and his crew. Arata Mori’s (Japan) ‘Camino Negro’ is based on key concepts such as Body and Image, Repetition and Nomadism. Inspired by French modern philosophers such as Gilles Deleuze and Georges Bataille and indigenous traditions and mythologies from all over the world, Arata has created a number of multimedia artwork including photography, video, [...]

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