The Mountain Without a Shadow [exhibition]

Location: BRIDGE RED Address: 12425 NE 13TH AVE, North Miami, FL 33161 Dates: Friday, April 8, 2018 | 4 pm – 7 pm Exhibition Ends May 27th In “The Mountain Without a Shadow” themes of displacement and cultural heritage permeate Anja Marais' work. Often using photography combined with found objects, her work is imbued with a ritualistic quality. Central to Marais' work is the disintegration of material, creating apt metaphors for the human condition, geography, and memory. Born in South Africa and now living in Miami, Marais' work challenges the viewer to rethink the meaning of systematic conditioning. Photography forms the basis of much of her mixed media work, but she also employs more archaic materials like maize, soil, rust, etc to realize her works. Whilst Marais' work subtly alludes to the impact of racism in South Africa – a country immersed in political and social [...]

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Libation for the Lineage of the Unlived [video art]

The Mountain Without a Shadow, or, Unfinished Business I once walked past your front yard. You waved me in.   Something appeared on the horizon when you looked out your living room window that day. You had to show me.   A mountain, overnight, bricked itself in the firmament, cemented tight by cloud.   “Look!” you say. “I did not see that yesterday, but when I woke up today, there it was!”   I felt the boulder stack more than I could see it, but yes, it was there. The way you can see a brain tumor in faltered speech.   You poured us each clear spirits in Mason jars and invited me to sit outside on lawn chairs. Together we watched the sun compete with stone.   The sun did not appreciate this new roadblock, it lamented.   "What do you think you are [...]

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FOLD: Exhibit combines unique disciplines through art [write-up]

Exhibit combines unique disciplines through art by NANCY MOYER Marais’ bold images reflect the inner psyche bleeding through external reality. She describes her work as a chronicle of the undertaken journey to wander between the two worlds while being a mirror to both. Her surfaces resemble roughly weathered posters, survivors of life’s events, yet still alive and vital. Believing that all life is a story, “I cut out bits and fragments of this epic tale,” Marais declared in her statement, “and piece them back together searching for coherence and sense; this mutilation creates a new world.” The powerful work, “Up Flight of the Wingless Bird,” predicts the ultimate transformation. The feminine image, slightly larger than life, rises up above a panel suggesting a nervous system, bone structure, or maybe brambles, into a figurative form. Continuing this path, a light from above changes the physical features [...]

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Between transformation and disintegration – Art Salon [Art Talk]

Memorial Landscapes between transformation and disintegration: Photography as a Textural Approach by Anja Marais Elle Schorr's Art Salon - South Florida has become a vibrant center for art and artists, and ART SALONS at the ARMORY ART CENTER in West Palm Beach are a gathering place for artists from throughout in the region. Each month from October to May, Art Salons offer presentations by influential professional artists whose artwork is being shown in museums and galleries in South Florida. Presenters show their work, talk about their influences, and explore the work of artists showing in museums and galleries, followed by stimulating discussions between all who attend. Our discussions cover the gamut of contemporary art themes, including conceptual, cultural, socio/political, environmental, race and gender-focused and aesthetic practices, the materials and techniques used to convey these ideas, and where we fit into the world of contemporary conceptual art. Art Salons [...]

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