Art Basel Studio Tours 2018 [open studio]


Art Basel Miami Beach and Anja Marais invite art patrons to visit the artists’ studio as part of the official Art Basel Studio Visits program. Join her Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12 PM for a behind the scenes look at new works created at The Santa Fe Art Residency.

Here is a map of the participating artists:

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Mis.Placed [exhibition]

curated by Janet Batet

Opening Reception 11/29/2018 6 – 9pm

Art Basel Breakfast 12/07/2018 8 – 11am

COLLECTIVE 62 • 827 NW 62nd Street, Miami, FL, 33150

Anja Marais / / @anjamarais

Marina Font / / @marinafontstudio

Carola Bravo / / @carolabravoart

Nina Surel / / @ninasurel

Johanna Boccardo / / @jojapiposa

Regina José Galindo / / @prometeogallery

Press Contact and general inquiries
305 586 0252

MIS.PLACED: The fallacy of being.

The fallacy of misplaced concreteness proposed by Alfred North Whitehead describes the process through which concrete reality is supplanted by an abstraction. Most of the time, this act of reification implies misleading preconceptions around our existence. The recurrence to binary excluding dichotomies in global society has been a systemic attempt to distort and numb social sensitivity and deriving from this practice, we have been witnessing the careful replacement of terminologies in order to justify our detachment from others.

The systematic replacement of the term “refugee” by “immigrant” accompanied by adjectivizations such as “illegal” and “undocumented” in politic discourses and mass media has the intended aim of dissociating our civic and moral obligation toward this growing group of displaced individuals in global society. Under these circumstances, we are witnessing a new invisible mass of displaced people that become misplaced.

Don’t be wrong, the difference is substantial. Something misplaced is moved away, out of its natural emplacement or boundaries but not excluded or forgotten. Misplaced gathers the proposals of six female contemporary artists who delve into the fallacy of displacement in contemporary society. Assuming their own bodies as the ultimate territory, each of them establishes a personal fable that procures the restoration of the dignity of the misplaced being.

Misplaced is hosted by Collective 62, an independent art space devoted to creation outside of the traditional circuits of art. Located in Liberty City, Collective 62 also seeks to reverse the growing phenomenon of gentrification (another exponent of misplacement at the urban scale) through regeneration that derived from creation and community-based workshops.

Janet Batet

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Unnatural Nature [exhibition]

Curated by Jessica Acosta-Rubio
at Pinecrest Gardens

Still image from the video “Fruit Forager”

An Art Immersion Experience of video art, design and music!

Opening Reception
Saturday, November 10/2018
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Anja Marais/Amalia Caputo/Antonia Wright/Carola Bravo
Juan Carlos Zaldivar/Maritza Caneca
Artists and Designers
Fabio Designs/Flora and Form/Nina Surel/Rita Motta
Studio Mass/Paloma Teppa/Inverssa/Rafa Muci/Alex De Yavorsky/Artesanogroup
Julio Prato

With the Support of

Pinecrest Gardens
11000 Red Road, Pinecrest Fl 33156
Phone: 305.988.5089

On view from November 10/2018 through January 6/2019
Open Daily: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Eros Effect at Bridge Red [exhibition]

Curated by Jane Hart

Disintegration is Transformation / Transformation is Disintegration / 2018 / Decollage Mixed Media

November 4, 2018 through January 6, 2019

Sunday, November 4, 4-7pm opening reception

Sunday, January 6, noon-3pm closing reception

CALL:  3057901797 for an appointment on other days.

Bridge Red Studios/Project Space

12425 NE 13th Ave. #5, North Miami, FL 33161

The exhibition title draws upon a term coined by philosopher George Katsiaficas in his book “The Imagination of the New Left: A Global Analysis of 1968,” the concept of the “eros effect” is a means of rescuing the revolutionary value of spontaneity, a way to stimulate a reevaluation of the unconscious and strengthen the will of popular movements to remain steadfast in their revulsion with war, inequality, and domination.

50 years ago in 1968, a surge in societal and personal awareness brought tremendous creativity as well as tumult, leading to sweeping changes both culturally and socially. This exhibition focuses upon how 50 years on, artists working in all media, are addressing aspects of these issues given our world today. The gallery space will become an activated, evocative environment that serves to be both thought-provoking and inspirational. – Jane Hart

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Santa Fe Art Institute Residency [summary]


Sante Fe Art Institute Art Studio: Mixed Media work – “The Three Architects”

I attended the thematic “Truth and Reconciliation” art residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute this September.

I participated in an exhilarating dialogue with international artists regarding this complicated theme.

Voices participating were from Colombia, Israel, Native American, South Africa, Taiwan. etc.

From my Notebook:

As artists, we do not always have the answers but we do
make the unconscious conscious.

To make art you first need to consume yourself.
Devouring your own flesh until personhood is gone.
Only then you become the other.
When you are the “other” you are not the artist
you are part of the collective heart.

Jung said that until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Antonin Artaud declared that art was the double of life, a
duplicate reality. “We have a spirit so made that
it spends its life looking for itself … In becoming
conscious, it duplicates itself.

Artists as witnesses are duplicates,
they contain both the subject and the object.
the self and the other.
the truth and the lies.

Santa Fe Art Institute Art Studio – Work in Progress

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